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Launch your satellite

Bloostar places your satellite in the orbit you want. We ensure you are ready to launch by testing your satellite in NearSpace.

  • High Volume Capacity

    With greater volume capacity, your satellite can pack more functionalities.

  • Your orbit, your date

    Choose your orbit, altitude and launch date. Assuring better coverage and better quality data.

  • Simplified launch

    The rocket is ignited above 99% of the mass of the atmosphere, simplifying the launch process.

  • Freedom

    More freedom with your own private launch for the same price as being a secondary payload.

Latest news

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Bloostar tank test

Preliminary testing of the system has already started. In September 2013, an inflatable flexible pressurized vehicle flew to 27km under a balloon. This technology will be used for the lightweight tanks of the launcher.


Michael López-Alegría Joins Bloostar

After raising about €3M over the past 6 years since its founding. and adding Spanish-American NASA Astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria as senior advisor in May 2015, we have closed a round of investment specifically dedicated to bloostar, and are very happy to welcome the new investors on board.

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Rocket engine test

Test version of the pressure-fed light hydrocarbon/oxygen engine was first fired in Spain in September 2014, with satisfactory results. The engine was ignited several times and the cooling system functioned well.


Press conf IAC

Jerusalem, Israel, October 12-16: zero2infinity, represented by José Mariano Lopez Urdiales, Dimitris Bountolos, Michael Lopez-Alegria and Guillaume Girard will officially launch bloostar publicly during a press conference at the GNF, on thursday 15th october, at 16:45. Two papers will also be presented in sessions: B3.2 and D2.7.

  • “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see,
    and wonder about what makes the universe exist.
    Be curious”.

    Stephen Hawking

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